Wednesday, 15 November 2006

Renault 5 GT Turbo conversion - November 2006

16 NovemberDon't worry you haven't missed much,The main reason for the lack of updates was the preparation for my wedding back on April 15th. This took the majority of my time, fear not though it will be finished and hopefully sometime this year!! (that's what you think -Ed)
Ran fan cables, ecu cables and temp sender cables from the front to the back, nothing tricky here, still need to solder them up though, connected the old looms to the rear light clusters

18 NovemberReplaced the track rod end and cut the oil cooler pipes fortunately they were both 1/2 inch inner bore so a union should just do the trick

20 NovemberWorking out what I could do with the intercooler, currently I have two ideas the first would be to mount it in the roof with some kind of vent/scoop that would draw the air to it.. it could be a opening vent that could be down until I need more intercooling or running high boost. The second idea is to make a charge cooler by welding two caps either side of the intercooler fins providing full water immersion.. however I am going to leave this until last especially as the ambient temperature is so low at the moment.

24 November
As it's been so long since I took the part it took me about an hour to figure out where all the water pipes used to go, then realising I wouldn't be using half of them because the heater no longer being used I came up with the picture below hopefully this should work.. today I also order some more fuel hose 5/16ths, a coilover conversion kit for the front or rear.. not sure yet, a long accelerator cable and the caliper bolts I desperately needed.. and to complete the spending spree a brake bias adjuster
wheres my image?

27 NovemberWiring was the order of the weekend with only minor burns I've made good progress soldering the front to rear connections in the engine bay just the rest fo the inside to do. I think it would be better to confirm everything is working before I loom it up!! Other than that my coilover conversion kit arrived with bias adjuster and fuel pipe, so braking will be next on the list after compiling the wiring this week. I also managed to source the 1/2" unions from thinkauto who very kindly supplied them at no charge
wheres my image? wheres my image?

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