Thursday, 12 November 2009

Renault 5 GT Turbo conversion - October 2009

My first Sprint at Curburough
Well there's been many changes since Febuary and if I get chance I'll try and post them. However here's a few pictures from my first Hill climb / Sprint event at Curburough.

I'll try and get some video's of the car in action, it handled extremely well after setting up the tyre pressures.
I did have a problem with my gearbox as selecting 2nd gear this was a problem which did hamper my standing starts, this is where you can make up vital seconds but didn't spoil the day.
I also plan (when I get time) to replace the standard shock absorbers for upgrated ones I have recently bought. These are a set of koni's for the front and a pair of renault 5 "cup" shock absorbers for the rear. I managed to pick both up for a reasonable price a while back which providing I reuse my coilover kits will be quite a bargin for a set of adjustable coilovers!

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