Thursday, 28 April 2011

SOLD - Renault 5 gt turbo rear wheel drive with Clio 172 engine

The conversion

I originally started the conversion in February 2005 and it was March 2006 when I first had it on the road and MOT'd. At that time it had the original renault 5 GT Turbo engine in (slightly uprated) but in early 2008 the turbo went and at the same time I embarked on renovating my house so didn't have time to fix it. However by February 2009 I had picked up a Clio phase 2 172 engine and aftermarket Emerald ECU and had decided this was the way to go if I wanted trouble free performance motoring as the theory is you have less components to worry about. Mid 2009 the car was ready and after a few teething problems mostly down to needing a full tune the car was ready for my first sprint!

I have quite a few photos and details of the first build phase on my website, . I re-designed the rear compartment in the second phase to be more like the original Renault 5 Turbo 1/2's of the 80's. This also meant there is now a proper sealed fire barrier between me and the engine which was essentially to get it past the scrutineers at a sprint day. This has been created with a steel frame providing additional structure, a steel panel between driver and engine.Plus an aluminium top cover to keep the weight down.

The engine sits in the original renault 5 subframe, and is bolted to a heavy duty crossmember which in turn is fixed to the original rear subframe mounting points. The rear of the subframe is bolted to fabricated mounts which are welded to the rear chassis rails. The rear engine mount whilst standard has been lowered to clear the clio exhaust manifold. The clio top mount has been used to prevent sideways movement and an additional front tie bar has been fabricated to stop engine movement under hard acceleration.

The car is road legal and is taxed and MOT'd . I Insure, as being rear wheel drive and based the policy on a Clio 172 with all the mods declared it costs me £360 TPF&T based on a 34yr old with full no claims.

The rear end of this car whilst using mostly standard parts, although it does have modified rear suspension to lock the rear wheels.

The bad bits
The headgasket has gone, I bought a new bottom end had the bearings replaced and put it back together costing me £650 in total then after my first run the gasket went. I've tried to keep enthusiastic but my circumstances have changed and can't justify putting anymore money into this project. The body work is in great condition but has a few marks here and there and a couple of dents that may come out via dentmaster or someone simular there is nothing glaringly obvious.

The engine is currently out as I was going to fix, but can be put back in and heard running as there are no problems just a lot of white smoke!

Spec is as follows:

* Clio 172 Phase 2 Engine (approx 66k miles when bought) with Phase 1 throttle body (cable type)
* Emerald ECU see this will give flexiblity if you want to turbo/supercharge or just modifiy the engine further in the future.
* Four paddle clutch
* 2x Bucket seats 1x Fibreglass magnum in black this is extremely lightweight and has the same stiffness as my friends Sparco 1x Cobra Monaco S steel frame both seats are in exceptional condition
* recently tuned by Dave Walker of Emerald (seen in the practical performance car magazine) it gave 183bhp (see printout in pictures)
* Full safety devices roll cage with door bars and additional cross bar for harnesses
* 6 point TRS harnesses
* Lotus Elise Stainless exhaust
* Removable engine cover in aluminium
* Professionally Fabricated aluminium fuel tank
* Aluminium oil seperator
* Coilovers one pair are CUP shocks that have oversized shafts for strength and one pair are standard shocks both a coilover conversion see my article
* Also included are 4 sets of 2.5coilover springs for the rear and 3 set for the front
* Up-rated discs and pads, I’m not sure which but they stop the car.
* Hydraulic handbrake and brake bias for manually adjusting how much braking the rear gets
* Hydraulic clutch for a lighter pedal and does away with an extra cable
* Fire extinguisher never used

Do get me wrong I love the car but as you can see I've had it a long time and spends most of it in the garage so it's time to sell it to someone who might get more fun out of it.


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