Sunday, 9 May 2010

Curborough report 9th May - May 2010

9th May - Things don't go to plan and the Clio 172 engine needs attention

Well.. my first event event didn't go too well.. I had two decent practice runs a 41.92 and a 40.74 not as good as my last visit of 38.56 and then on my first timed run about half way round disaster struck, the engine started clanging.. I'm guessing its the bottom end bearings or something. I pootled across the finish line and exited the track and went for an early bath.. The bonus being I got a time so I was first in class being the only competitor in sports libre class

I think the cause was a tired engine as it's never been checked since I bought it second hand. However, once it's fixed I'll be fitting a proper rev counter and setting the rev limited as I don't fancy a repeat of this.

On the up side of things it gives me the opportunity to replace the cam belt and whilst I'm at it the gearbox too.

With a bit of luck I should have it sorted for my return trip to Curbourgh on June 19th

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